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September 19 Updated. September 18 Updated. September 17 Updated. September 16 Updated. September 15 Updated. September 14 Updated. September 13 Updated. Return to your most primal state and relish in it. Realise that some of the most important lessons in life were the ones that you learned when you were six years old. Return to that state of mind and embrace the simplicity of life that you experienced during that time in your childhood. Life is only complicated because you make it so.

Remember what it was like to live carefree - and live that way again. Succeed in love and find 'the one'. Today your romantic partner could be in the mood for some fun.

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Try to break out of your usual routine. If you usually spend weekends at home, it could be time to plan a trip. Plan to do something special with your sweetheart, like going to a national park, or visiting a beautiful place. Tonight - try to do something different, like attending a concert together. Bring some positive, inspiring energy into your relationship, and enjoy yourselves! Having a hard time?

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Find the answers that you seek! You may find you're far more into socialising today than anything else. Providing you don't have a heavy workday ahead of you, this could be great.

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See who's available to get together and go for it. If it is a workday, you'll have to resist the temptation to chat too much. In , your brilliant mind took you to an array of situations, places, and conversations—but now, you want to nest.

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To do so, Jupiter in Sagittarius is helping you find the right zip code and people who remind you of home. Saturn in Capricorn asks you to match the generous service you give to others with your own needs. Meanwhile, an overdue creative venture is trying to be actualized, so focus your time and efforts on making your dreams come true this year—Saturn will quickly solidify them to reality. Jupiter in Sagittarius is making you the most optimistic, articulate, and attentive thinker, speaker, and listener.

Focus on tending to family bonds and the places and people that feel like home. The past year has been a reinvention like no other, Scorpio. Think of words like integrity, gratitude, and courage. These convictions will help realize significant financial prosperity all year long. Saturn in Capricorn helps you find the right words and beliefs to sustain your success and joy.


No one will have a new year like you, Sagittarius! Your ruling planet Jupiter tours through your sign, which is like winning the lottery. Keep your thoughts as optimistic as possible to receive the joy of Jupiter in Sagittarius. Strengthen your financial literacy for wonderful effects all year long. Closure is a gift you give to yourself, Capricorn, and Jupiter in Sagittarius lets you end, release, and surrender what no longer serves you.

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Ask the universe for help where you need it, and divine companionship will be yours. Saturn is touring through Capricorn, which helps your identity take careful form as you work at being your most integrity-driven. After working your water-bearing butt off all year, you want to reunite with friends and build your favorite thing—community.

Jupiter in Sagittarius empowers you to find beautiful belonging with your loved ones. Saturn in Capricorn, meanwhile, is ready to help you dismantle your occasional crisis of confidence and worthiness—but only if you allow it. Ready for lift off, Pisces? The career dreams you desire are yours this year, and your rise to the top of the aquarium is inevitable. Jupiter in Sagittarius manifests optimistic intentions and strategies for success.

Pair up with friends whose work ethic inspires you, and together your collaborative resonance will make more happen for you than you ever thought possible.

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